Get you Shanghai SPTC card BEFORE getting to Shanghai!

The SPTC is the all purpose payment card in Shanghai (and more). The SPTC (Shanghai Public Transportation Card) is a form of rechargeable cash card, and allows access to, among other things in Shanghai. The card can be used for the metro, buses, the maglev, and even parking. Read more at Use the SPTC for ( Don’t forget, you can also pay with this card in taxis. In fact, it’s one of the most convenient and safest ways to pay, because you can’t be cheated with fake change.

No need for queuing at the counter to exchange money. Buy your Shanghai Public Transportation Card before you get to Shanghai to use directly with Metro (Line 2, 8 RMB to city), Taxi (about 150 – 200 RMB to city) or Maglev (50RMB second class) when arriving at the airport.


The card is prepaid with your desired amount in 50 RMB / 7.50 Euro increments.

Note, the charged amount includes
a 20 RMB refundable deposit fee is included (you will get it back when returning the card at any counter located in metro stations)
a 20 RMB handling for each card will be added (3.0 Euro)
a 30 RMB shipping be added (4.5 Euro)
(payment is in Euro, using the x-rate of 1 RMB = 0.15 Euro)

For example, if you order a “200 RMB / 30 Euro card”, includesthe 20 RMB non-useable deposit. The card comes than with a 180 RMB useable deposit. In the paypal shopping card, a handling fee of 20 RMB per card and a 30 RMB shipping fee will be added.

So, get your SPTC and then just swipe your card at the ticket gates in and out or pay taxis, etc. Recharging the card can be easily done by yourself at a counter located at nearly each Metro station.

SPTC card 200 RMB
SPTC card 400 RMB
SPTC card 600 RMB

Use the SPTC for (

All taxis in Shanghai (except the non-Dazhong taxis running on Chongming Island)

Over 800 bus lines of Shanghai

Long-Distance Bus
Shanghai Long-Distance Bus Station: No. 1015, North Zhongshan Road, Zhabei District
Nanzhan Long-Distance Passenger Transportation Co., Ltd.: No. 666, Shilong Road, Xuhui District

All the subway lines in the city: Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 4, Line 5, Line 6, Line 8, Line 9

Ticket fare of the fast maglev train running between Pudong International Airport and Longyang Road Station of Subway Line 2 can be paid by the Public Transportation Card.

Yangfu Line, Lujin Line, Dongdong Line, Zhounan Line, Qiqin Line, Taigong Line, Nanlu Line, Jinding Line, Tangdong Line, Mindan Line, Xiening Line, Water Bus Line, Wusong Ferry Station

Dazhong, Qiangsheng, Nonggongshang trucks

Parking Lot

Parking Meter
In Shanghai (Xuhui, Jing’an and Huangpu Districts) there are over 200 parking spaces with parking meters which could be paid by the Public Transportation Card.

Gas Station
You can fill the car up and pay the gas fee by Shanghai Public Transportation Card at over 100 gas stations in the city.

Toll Highway
All Shanghai’s toll-gates for highways in the network toll collection system; Donghai Bridge toll-gate

Auto Repair
Using the Public Transportation Card, You can have your car repaired, cleaned or decorated

Shanghai Public Transportation Card Using in Other Cities
Changshu buses, Wuxi buses and some Wuxi taxis, Suzhou buses, Hangzhou Dazhong taxis, Anhui Fuyang buses, Guangxi Nanning Haibo taxis.

Tip: Besides transportation, certain kind of Public Transportation Cards can be used in paying the public utility fee spent on water, electricity and gas.

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